Fleet of Vehicles

Transcollines service is provided by a fleet of eleven (11) vehicles with different features designed to meet diverse needs and the reality of the territory. Three (3) of the vehicles are accessible for people with reduced mobility.  The entire fleet will offer WI-FI Internet access as well as bike racks to facilitate multimodal travel.

In order to ensure continuous service, the fleet is backed by two reserve vehicules, one of which is of large-capacity, exclusively designed for use in unexpected situations. Additionally, our service agreements with our suppliers allow us to promptly charter supplemental vehicles in unexpected situations.

LFS Nova Bus

Number in Service: 2 (plus 1 in reserve)

Seating Capacity: 41
Total Capacity: 80

In order to ensure service that meets the demand, two (2) standard transit buses will be assigned to the busiest trips of the existing lines. Equipped with low floors, a kneeling feature and a fold-out ramp, these 12.2 m vehicles are fully accessible for people with reduced mobility.

One (1) supplemental vehicle of this type is also ready to be put into service to ensure continuous service in unexpected situations.


Number in Service: 2

Seating Capacity: 40
Total Capacity: 40

The SAF-T-LINER C2 is the ideal bus for peri-urban travel. Equipped with an air suspension, leather captains and luggage racks on the ceiling, it offers an exemplary comfort to users.

Minibus semi-coach

Number in Service: 4

Seating Capacity: 24
Total Capacity: 24

For maximum flexibility, while still offering a high degree of comfort, the rest of the fleet will consist of five (5) semi-coach type minibuses with a length of 8 m. Better adapted to the rural and peri-urban territory of the RCM of Les Collines-de-l’Outaouais, these vehicles will allow for better service in sparsely-populate areas. This flexibility is a key element in enabling us to provide better coverage of the territory.

Paratransit-only minibus

Number in Service: 4 (plus 1 in reserve)

Seating Capacity: 18 to 24
Total Capacity: 18 to 24

Four (4) paratransit-only vehicles will be in service. Three of the four are equipped with a fold-out ramp and braking for wheelchairs. These vehicules can accommodate up to six (6) wheelchairs and the passenger seating capacity varies depending on the number of wheelchair users.

One (1) supplemental vehicle is also ready to be put into service to ensure continuous service in unexpected situations.

The fleet dedicated to paratransit is completed with taxi vehicules.