Our mission

Our mission


Transcollines mission is to ensure the sustainable mobility of people on the territory of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais and to contribute to its development in rural Outaouais. We rely on public transit as a vector for the development of local communities and for improving the quality of life of the families and citizens of these territories. 

Our vision

We aim to develop a quality passenger transport service that meets the needs and expectations of our users while significantly promoting other forms of sustainable mobility throughout our territory. Our users are and will always be at the centre of our decisions. Contributing to improving the quality of life and the development of communities in the rural Outaouais region is a daily concern for Transcollines.

Our values

Our mission is based on the following two main values:

  • A quality and local service, close to users and rooted in its environment.
  • Mobility as a lever for the sustainable development of local communities.We form a team with our partners and our employees to embody these values ​​daily, within our services and with our users.

Our History

Providing transportation services for individuals in Les Collines-de-l‘Outaouais has always been considered an essential service that is also an important tool for the further development of our local communities. Transcollines is the result of concerted efforts on the part of community stakeholders who, over the years, were brave enough to create innovative solutions to address our mobility problems.


Our Identity



Dynamic, fun, simple and effective: this is what describes the visual identity of Transcollines! Uniting the words “ Transport ” and “ collines ” to establish the name Transcollines; this easy-to-remember name represents the blue buses that have been passing through the hills of rural Outaouais since 2015.

The symbol in the logo exploits the letters “ C ” and “ O ” in attached letters, a Latin prefix which means “with, together”. We find this prefix among others in the words “common” and “collective”, two terms that are at the very heart of our services. In addition, the rounded shapes of this symbol recall the shape of the wheels of a vehicle as well as the shape of valleys and hills.

We recently reviewed our branding as a whole to better represent the evolution of our services and to maximize our visibility in the digital age. You can get the most recent version of our logo here. In addition, to properly use our identity and/or to obtain the colour codes, you can consult our standard guide.

For any other questions regarding our visual identity or to obtain other versions of our logo, please send your request to: chantal@transcollines.ca

Our partners

Transcollines is the result of concerted efforts by community stakeholders to develop sustainable and innovative mobility solutions in rural Outaouais.