Active transportation

At Transcollines

We encourage intermodality whenever possible. You can travel with your folding bike, electric scooter, skateboard, roller skates, ice skates (with blade guard) and cross-country skis on our buses when space is available. We simply ask that you transport them safely, keep the aisle clear at all times so as not to interfere with traffic and be courteous by avoiding encumbering other passengers.

Secure your bike in 4 steps:

Bus, bikes, work, sleep.

Transcollines provides bike racks at the front of buses to safely transport your equipment.


Bike transport policy

  • For safety reasons, the transport of bicycles inside buses is forbidden;
  • Transcollines makes bicycle racks available to its users on each of its vehicles, but cannot guarantee places available on them;
  • The users have the full and entire responsibility to fix the equipment properly, the drivers cannot intervene;
  • During the winter, the mechanisms of bike racks can freeze. Under these circumstances, the driver may refuse the installation of a bicycle to avoid delays or breakage of equipment;
  • Under no circumstances may Transcollines, its contractor or the owner of the site be held liable for any damage caused by the use of the equipment.