Courtesy Guide

In order to create a respectful, pleasant and safe environment for all, please practice public transport etiquette.

The respectful user…


is respectful
towards the driver and other users, verbal or physical violence will not be tolerated.

lowers the volume
when listening to music, talking on the phone or with his neighbour. He avoids using his cellphone on speaker mode to not disturb other passengers.

offers his/her seat
to future mothers, young children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility who may need to sit down.

respect the non-smoking areas
by not smoking or vaping inside buses and bus shelters. He respects others by smoking as far away as possible from them while waiting for the bus.

does not trouble other passengers with his animal. Animals on board must be in a cage or bag designed for transportation.

is ready to board
with his method of payment in hand, is visible to the driver, and indicates clearly his intention to board.

keeps the premises clean
on the bus and in the waiting areas, avoids putting their feet on the benches and picks up their garbage.

limits its use of scented products
that may bother some people and avoids imposing foul odours on other passengers.

moves to the back
of the bus to allow other passengers to board.

waits his turn
and stands in line, securing the necessary space for people onboarding before boarding the bus.

frees up space
by keeping bags close to them to make it easier for others to pass and avoids cluttering other seats.

is safe
by properly transporting and holding any object, making sure to clear the aisle and avoid cluttering other seats.