Transcollines stops in Gatineau

Stations and docks

To identify and locate the Transcollines stops at Rapibus stations, consult the diagrams below:

Les Galeries de Hull station

Routes 921•923•924•925•932

The Transcollines stop is on the same side of the street as the STO’s Rapibus, but Transcollines buses do not travel on the Rapibus corridors. The user must wait at the stop located on de la Carrière Boulevard, in front of the gas station, but on the other side of the street. The user must make sure to see the blue and white Transcollines stop sign 921-923-924-925 and 932.

De la Gappe station

Routes 931•933•934

The Transcollines stop is located on Turin Street, on the De la Gappe Station side of the street, near the sidewalk that faces the street and the bus lane. The stop serves routes 931, 933 and 934.

Labrosse station

Routes 941-943

The Transcollines stop is located at the STO’s local platform number 10. The stop serves routes 941-943.

Incentivized Parking

In order to facilitate access to its services, Transcollines offers a network of thirteen (13) free incentive parking lots, six (6) of which are equipped with bus shelters.