Service 2024

New service starting Wednesday May 15, 2024


New service launch date to be announced

Due to unforeseen technological issues, we are obliged to postpone the launch of the new service scheduled for May 15, 2024. No changes will be made to the current fixed bus lines service until further notice, except for the relocation of the Hogan terminus in Cantley. Indeed, routes 931 and 932 will start at the new Ste-Elisabeth Church terminus from Wednesday, May 15. We are working closely with the technical team to communicate a new launch date for the new service very soon across all our communication channels.

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On-demand bus* service!


Considering the great success of on-demand service, soon we will increase the capacity of vehicles dedicated to this service. Your next Transcollines On Demand (TOD) booking could be offered by bus!

Furthermore, to optimize our resources and adapt our service to our users’ travel habits, we will be making some modifications and adjustments to the fixed-line service. Note that the routes and passages removed from the fixed service will be replaced by on-demand service using buses, vans and cars.


In summary:

Pontiac (910 Line)

  • No change to the fixed service


Cantley (931-932 Lines)

  • Relocation of the terminus from Hogan Road to Ste-Élisabeth Road, near the church
  • Some adjustments to AM and PM schedules (+ or – 10 min.)


Chelsea, La Pêche (921-923-924-925 Lines)

  • 921:  Removal of fixed service of the 921 bus line which will be replaced by on-demand service
  • 923: Removal of a AM and a PM passage (5:37 a.m. and 5:25 p.m.). They will be replaced by the on-demand service.
  • 923: Removal of fixed line service for bus stops on route Principale in the Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham sector. Fixed service will begin at the Riverside and Maclaren bus stops in the Wakefield sector and the removed bus stops will be offered on-demand service.
  • 923: Modification of the route, the bus remains on route 105 and no longer passes on
    River Road
  • 923: Important adjustments to AM and PM schedules (+ or – 5 to 20 min.)
  • 924: No change to the fixed service
  • 925: No change to the fixed service


Val-des-Monts (Ligne 940)

  • Some adjustments to PM schedules (+ or – 10 min.)


* Note that buses are not yet activated in the on-demand reservation system. It is therefore possible that you will receive a message of unavailability for TOD due to its full capacity if you try to book your trips in anticipation of the new service. We will inform you as soon as the buses are activated so that you can make your reservations.

On-demand service

Transcollines On demand (TOD) a service that works with booking via application, currently serves more than 1,500 bus stops in the La Pêche, Cantley, Chelsea, Val-des-Monts and Gatineau sectors.

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